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Recreation Society

In 1983 a sub-committee of the Parish Council raised money for the Reading Room towards the cost of pulling down an existing extension and replacing it with the Kingston Room for meetings, a kitchen, toilets and storage space. Once the new extension had been built, it was decided to carry on fund raising by forming the Recreation Society.

In the early days, funds raised by the Whittlebury Grand Prix "Name the Winner" Competition and a village fete went towards improvements to the playing field, the reinstallation of the swings and the purchase of a slide and climbing frame, all erected on a high quality safety surface and costing several thousand pounds.

The Recreation Society has provided funds for Whittlebury Primary School in several ways, including the purchase of gym equipment. It also contributed to the cost of building the Millennium Porch for the Reading Room and raised several thousand pounds for the 2007 extension with its toilet for the disabled and other improvements.

The Society aims to help all age groups within the village. It has paid in the past for the Summer Playscheme for young children and has also donated to the Welfare Committee which organises activities for the over 60s.

The Formula 1 Grand Prix Raffle runs every year raising several thousands of pounds each year on behalf of the Reading Room.

The Society helps to organise the annual Whittlebury Country Fair in the late summer and in 2012 donated two large marquees to the Reading Room.

During the winter months the Society organises Film Nights in the Reading Room. The combination of a good film, some refreshment and good company has proved to be popular.

The committee of the Society meets a few times a year and it always needs volunteers to help run its activities and to provide fresh ideas.

The Society provides an annual report to the village at the Annual Village Meeting.