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The "HUG"

The Reading Room HUG, known simply as the the "HUG", is an initiative started in January 2011 by an enthusiastic group of villagers.

The background to the "HUG" is that Whittlebury's Reading Room, which was effectively donated to the village over 100 years ago, is in need of substantial repair and / complete renovation. Although it may be possible eventually to obtain grants from various sources, a group of villagers recognised that, in any event, the village should demonstrate its commitment to the cause by commencing its own fund-raising activities. As a consequence the "HUG" was born.

The objectives of the "HUG" are: to raise funds to renovate and modernise The Reading Room.
- to get as many villagers as possible involved not only in the organisation but also in attending events.
- to bring more life to our village and
- to have some fun.

The "HUG" group of villagers meets on a regular basis (currently under the chairmanship of Mr David Randall) to plan and organise fund-raising events in the village. All villagers are welcome to attend these meetings and / or to get involved in "HUG" events.

The "HUG Café" is open every Friday morning from 10.00am to 12.00md at the Reading Room and everyone is welcome to drop in for tea, coffee and cakes, read the newspapers and chat.

All other "HUG" events are advertised in the Whittlebury Village Magazine, through posters / flyers distributed around the village and in the "HUG – next events" section of the village website.

The various "HUG" events over the past six years have raised over £30,000

A very big THANK YOU to everyone involved.

HUG - next events

Please watch this space for news of forthcoming HUG events.